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Clean Coal Technologies

What are Clean Coal Technologies

"Clean Coal Technologies," while cleaner than typical coal-fired power plants, is still using the dirtiest, most-polluting of all fossil fuels. 

Clean Coal Technologies may be "King Coal's" last dying gasp at attempting to save itself and the industry from being regulated out of business entirely. 

When coal is burned, it produces hazardous air pollutants as well as toxic emissions. These emissions include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulates that when breathed, are taken deep into the lungs, and causing respiratory problems for many people. Coal's harmful emissions are responsible for acid rain, polluting water and the source of high mercury emissions in animals, fish and people. This doesn't even start to cover the enormous pollution caused when mining/recovering the coal from coal mines. 

With the rapid decrease in renewable energy technologies and renewable energy resources, such as clean renewable fuels, including; biogas, biomethane, B100 biodiesel and synthesis gas and renewable energy including; biomass gasification, geothermal, hydro, solar, wind and waste heat recovery, with zero to few emissions, maybe its time to just leave coal dead and buried where it is, and focus on clean power and renewable energy?

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Clean Coal Technologies

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"Changing the Way the World Makes and Uses Energy"






Is Coal Clean? 
Many claim coal is not clean, that coal is dirty.

Is Coal Dirty?
Many claim coal is not dirty, that coal is clean.

The debate about coal and coal's future is passionate and spirited on each side. But that doesn't mean your company can't help determine the eventual outcome for King Coal!  Your message at "the" leading site for clean coal technology can help control your message and sway public opinion. After all, there's only one: Website!

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“spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year for oil, much of it from the Middle East, is just about the single stupidest thing that modern society could possibly do. It’s very difficult to think of anything more idiotic than that.” 
~ R. James Woolsey, Jr., former Director of the CIA


Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil


According to R. James Woolsey, for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “The basic insight is to realize that global warming, the geopolitics of oil, and warfare in the Persian Gulf are not separate problems — they are aspects of a single problem, the West’s dependence on oil.”



Drill Baby Drill for:

American jobs and American Energy Independence. Keep the $1/2 Trillion dollars in USA we now send to OPEC and foreign countries each year to buy the oil America needs. And most importantly, to save the lives of America's sons and daughters who should NEVER be fight, die or be injured for OPEC / foreign oil.


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